bald and well-lubricated

why is cat bald?

Our mission at baldcat is to shave every cat on base, in honor of the bald himself - Brian Armstrong. 

After all, what’s more fitting than a bald cat on the bald chain?
This can only be accomplished once baldcat flips every other cat coin’s market cap, and baldcat stands above the rest. 

Embrace the baldness, apply lube. 
cat is bald.
cat is well-lubricated.

Bingus Armstrong 
the  Third

how to baldcat

how to lubricate

$baldcat is live on Base Network
We are currently trading on two liquidity pools.
The most Lubrication is at Sushiswap.

A second pool was opened on Aerodrome for future Incentives.



cat is bald, cat is well-lubricated

The ancient Cult of the Baldcat revered baldcats as symbols of basedness and purity in old Egypt. 

Their sacred ritual involved anointing these bald suckers with holy oils, transcending mere care into a divine communion. This act of lubrication was not just maintenance; it was a spiritual journey, elevating baldcats to symbols of deeper truths. 

Through their sleek, lubricated forms, baldcats reminded the faithful of the importance of looking beyond the superficial, embracing the essence of basedness and the path to spiritual lubrication in a higher sense.

liquidity & ownership

Initial liquidity was burned
Contract ownership was renounced


0/0 Tax

0% Buy Tax
0% Sell Tax
For the culture

1B Supply

1,000,000,000 $BALDCAT

∞/∞ lubrication

∞/∞ baldness

2% Marketing

To keep baldcat well lubricated and popular, 2% of Supply was allocated to marketing.
Most of that has been added to Liquidity at this point.

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